Book Bar Services for Large Events

If you are planning an event or wedding and need a bar, look no further. We can provide a bar in any location and have the ability to provide a service in most settings. We have a varied range of bar counters to suit any theme or taste and if they are not suitable, we can work from an existing counter or one provided by a third party.

    Large Event Services Hire

    We have been providing bars for events of all sizes since our inception in 2006. Our quality services have been trusted by the organisers of the annual one-day Gillingham and Shaftesbury Show since 2008, where we have been providing public bars for a capacity of 25,000 people. We work closely with them to offer a hassle-free and efficient service. Apart from this, we have also been entrusted with providing a bar for the general public while serving the members’ tent at a different area of the show field.

    Our reputation for delivering efficient services has also led us to work at various music concerts, public fairs and events, including the Buckham Fair in West Dorset. At the fair, we worked alongside actor Martin Clunes and his committee to provide all stock, staff, and equipment. We set up the sponsor’s evening on the night before the fair and then the only bar at the event which attracts a crowd of 20,000 people annually.

    We have two purpose-built mobile event units that we use to dispense products and keep up with the demand while running an efficient service. These mobile cellars are professionally built and kitted out the same as can be seen in a fixed cellar. We carry a large selection of spares to rectify any problems promptly.

    For our smaller events or where space is at a premium, we have a purpose-built gazebo with a built-in bar and brackets to display our extra-large bar flags so everyone knows where the bar is. For larger events, we set up inside marquees supplied by the organiser. If this isn’t possible, we have contacts to source this on your behalf. We also have wooden counters that can cope with even the busiest of environments.

    Our equipment is available for dry hire if you are an event organiser looking to run a bar yourself or a bar operator requiring extra capacity and equipment, including our mobile cellar units.